The following are a few of the projects that PCSE has done:

Brant StreetBrant Street Townhouses
Location: San Diego, CA
Owner/Developer: Medina Investment Developments
Architect: McGeough LaFrance Architects

Four 2,000 square foot, three story wood framed homes over masonry basements and a series of retaining walls constructed on a tight, sloping 5,000 square foot site.

Cubic TICubic
Location: San Diego, CA
Owner/Developer: Cubic, Inc.
Architect: Hurkes Harris Design Associates, Inc.
Contractor: Starrett Construction, Inc.

Provided the design of exterior facade improvements and site retaining walls.

Leslie ResidenceLeslie Residence
Location: La Jolla, CA
Architect: William R. Leslie, AIA

Extensive remodel of existing residence.  Features steel moment frames to accomodate large window areas and exposed tube steel trusses to allow for vaulted ceilings over a large, two-story open central living space.

Mills Master BathMontagne-Mills Residence Master Bath
Location: San Diego, CA
Architect: Point of Departure

Addition of a 200 square foot prefabricated steel frame building on pad footings, which serves as a master bathroom.

YMCAPeninsula Family YMCA Gymnasium
Location: San Diego, CA
Owner/Developer: Peninsula Family YMCA
Architect: Architects | Delawie Wilkes Rodrigues Barker
Contractor: Roel Construction Company, Inc.

Designed in conjunction with TKJ Structural Engineering, this is a 9,100 square foot steel moment frame gymnasium with attached storage structure.  Estimated construction costs of $3.5 million.

Scripps Health CenterScripps Health Center
Location: La Jolla, CA
Owner/Developer: Scripps Health
Architect: Childs Mascari Warner Architects

Provided support and anchorage for several pieces of medical, mechanical, and electrical equipment.

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